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Almost Spring, 2016. 

• I work with a wonderful group of clients in my graphic design business! I seem to attract and be drawn to creative entrepreneurs in health & wellness, fitness, organics, music and literary fields. My projects for them include logos and branding, label design, book covers, text design, setting up templates for flyers, schedules, postcard marketing and editorial illustration. Interested in using my skills for your business? Contact me! 

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• I’m excited to be creating a fantastic series of workshops on How to Use Graphic Design in Your Business. The workshop package will include tutorials on photo resolution, fonts, branding, designing a flyer yourself and much more. It will be available soon. Meanwhile, I will be sending out FREE Tiny Tutorials & Tips. Sign up below to get those!

• I’m writing short stories and a mysterious and romantic novel that might be illustrated. I’m experimenting with zines. I make lovely portraits. Tulips will come up soon and so will a new suite of artwork for Spring 2016 in my Walking Satellite Art + Words etsy shopSign up below for exclusive shop sales!

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