This is Book #10 AND Book #11 because they were two handouts from my yoga classes and because the combined book took two days to make. The handouts were from Yoga Basics and Yoga for Abs, two classes I designed and put together handouts for. Now it’s a book!

Because they were handouts I had stuck in pictures of the pelvic floor, internal organs, etc. but once it was going to be my book I had to draw all of those myself. Kidneys, lungs, intestines, fun! There is a lot of good information and my own take on building abdominal strength through efficient use of the muscles and posture. It will be in my etsy shop.

yogabasics2nancyvala yogabasics1nancyvala

So tonight I was hanging out with a friend, came home, had dinner, watched two episodes of Luke Cage on Netflix, played music and sang, recorded myself singing a song I wrote — and completely forgot I had to make a book. So I made the song into a book . . .


Decided to make it an accordion fold the long way because it seemed song-like. I can’t explain why.


I love the font at the top, called ‘Signature’. My favorite page is the one with all the leaves on it, called “Instrumental”. Ha ha. Here is the song if you are interested, hope it plays.


I decided to do an old-style zine for Book #9 and do it the old-style way with hand-lettering and pen and ink drawings. I used a font on the cover because my hand-lettering sucked and it was late. ‘Zine’ is short for magazine and is usually made by hand and photocopied and distributed “underground”. There are fanzines (devoted to a band, etc.) and perzines (personal writing) and pretty much everything you might think of. This is a zine about this Book Challenge and feeling conspicuous in comic book stores. I think Miss Nancy will fit perfectly in her own series of zines. (Thank you, Rae, for suggesting it!)


If you are wondering why the art and words are stuck on boards, see the above. You need to paste things up in a certain way if you want to print both sides and have it come out in the right order.


Drawing Miss Nancy by hand took some getting used to as I have always drawn her on the computer. I got better at it as I went along. Need to find better drawing pens . . . any suggestions? I’m using Staedtler which are good — I just would like something more flowing.