dog font

How Does a Picture Font Work?

You might wonder how to use a picture font. I’m here to explain it to you! Hopefully in a clear manner. (Questions, ask below or on Facebook) I will use for my example my dog picture font called Woof! which is now on sale at Outside the Line for $9!

Each picture (in this case, each dog) is assigned to a letter on your keyboard. So the letter a is an English Pointer, the letter b is a Saint Bernard, the letter c is an Australian Shepherd, h is a German Shepherd and so on.

The lower case letter is a line drawing of each dog. The upper case or capital letter is filled in, a silhouette, all black.

If you want a small dog all you have to do is make your letter small, as in 14 point. If you want it larger you could make it 90 pt. It’s up to you. You can choose sizes in almost every program you use. The quality does not change. The clarity stays the same.

You can use this dog font for stationery, a card for a friend, a framed image, scrapbooking. The list is endless!

The only thing you can’t do is put the image on a card, t-shirt, mug, etc. etc. and sell it. Well, you can but you need to contact Rae for a contract at Outside the Line. We retain the copyright to the illustrations and the font.

Any questions? Please ask!

*and the font at the top is Rae’s ‘Cordially Yours’.

*and the font at the top is Rae’s ‘Cordially Yours’.